Anna Marine

Anna Marine was born in Moscow on March 10th but she spent almost her entire childhood in the Czech Republic, Europe. Her surname, Marine, came from her grandfather who was a frenchman that emigrated to Russia in 1949. ("Marine" means "sea" in French).

Anna has been drawing since early childhood and as far as she can remember she has almost always had pencils and brushes in-hand but she has considered "art" to be a hobby and nothing more. She has profoundly studied mythology, history and astronomy and began incorporating her studies with her art. Her inspiration comes from the gothic architecture of Old Prague, its history, legends and the city's ancient cemeteries. Her fascination with sad angels, wreaths of withering colors on heads, ancient crypts and silence have always intrigued her and she frequently finds herself taking walks through cemeteries to get inspired. On any given day you can find Anna at the cemetery reading about Irish and English legends about phantoms, vampires, ghosts and mermaids in languages such as French, Romanian, Czech and English; all of which are books she collects. To her, books are magic and they are the inspiration for which she transfers to paper through her talent. Her work garners frequent offers from publishing houses and writers.

In 2009 her artwork was featured in the book "Amazing Pencil Portraits" which was published in the USA. Her artwork has also been marketed digitally in the USA by CILM company and after CDO company.In 2010 Anna started collaborating with the French publishing company, Editions-cauchemars and their writer Cecile Guillot. She was featured in the online magazines Le fantastique au feminin and JitZul, French magazine "Les Soupirs de Ligeia",Russian "iFamous",English "FAE magazine","Suspens magazine" and others.She works with the largest Russian publishing house, AST, for which she is creating covers for authors,C. Harris, P.Briggs, J.Rardin, K.Richardson, C.M. Green, N. A.Collins,R.Hart and others.In June 2011 Anna got her own iphone app that sells on iTunes

Her efforts are paying off immensely and despite her busy schedule she is looking forward to publishing her own book featuring her artwork in the near future.

Anna Marine


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