A Vampire's Love by Zindy Nielsen

I thought I would do a vampire theme as it's been really long since I did that and I recall how much fun it was. Lately we have been watching True Blood, as the second season recently started again. It's a very special series in my opinion. In the beginning I wasn't too fond of it but it kind of grows on you.

The drawing is not related to the series as such. I used Anja-Amanda and her friend for the pose. I wasn't aiming for it to look like them this time as I mostly wanted the pose. It was fun, both to use pastels and to use them for a dark themed drawing. I've missed that. I couldn't decide if I wanted to add blood or not but decided to go with a more 'clean' look this time. There is a few things I am not completely happy with but I won't mention them as you might focus too much on them. I am not able to change them anyway.

zindy nielsen a-vampires-love

Made with soft pastels, 2009

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