Paul Wesley Vampire Diaries by Zindy Nielsen

I am so in love with the Placebo and Kate Bush Ė Running up that hill song. I have been listening to it for days and it just seems to get more beautiful each time. Itís a piece of art. I heard it the first time on the very first episode of The Vampire Diaries which is one of my new favourite shows already. It looks very promising and I really find Paul Wesley handsome, beautiful and mysterious - he has just the right look. Which brings me to why I drew him, I felt I needed to try and capture him + itís been forever since I did a celebrity drawing in graphite pencil. It was interesting and I did enjoy it, itís funny because I used to do celebrity drawings all the time and now it just doesnít feel the same. I very much miss the imaginary part. That being said I had fun drawing this. I hope he is recognizable and you like him I put quite some hours into this.

Anyone who donít know The Vampire Diaries, you should definitely have a look at it. This series capture me more than Twilight ever did, though itís kind of the same theme. There seem to be much focus on everything Vampire related these days.

zindy nielsen paul-wesley-vampire-diaries

Made with graphite pencils, B-4B, 2009

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